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2002 News from (and about) the Powditch Family
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25 Dec 2002
Wishing you a very Happy Christmas
and a
Healthy New Year
4 Oct 2002
Received a reply from Simon Harcourt-Webster of Lymington, Hampshire (UK).  
He is descended from Ann Mary (Hall) Powditch (one of the children of Samuel
Powditch and Amelia Hall who married in Wells-next-the-Sea on 3 March 1830.    
Simon (Member No.7952  of Norfolk Family History Society) is interested in also
finding out more about the James Race Hall family tree, and would appreciate any
24 July 2002
Alan Powditch, who lives in Narberth, Pembrokeshire, South Wales, sent me a
'clipping'  re his  part in their local charity pram race, the wording of which was as

     On 24  July,  during  Narberth  Civic  Week, we took part  in  the  local  charity
pram push race, the route of  which  covered  12 pubs.  Our team were called 'The
Barley Mow Trekkers'.  Our ship was the U.S.S.  Barley   Mow   NCC-861530;   
and   the  engineers were Tina  Dale,  myself  and  Lee  and  Hazel Lloyd  Green;
the crew were Captain Steve Covel, Science Officer Mario  Edwards and
navigator Jamie Howitt.  The Barley Mow Trekkers ran a good race to come in at
Warp 2 to take second prize, and second prize for fancy dress as well.

     I would like to say many thanks to: Dave England, the owner  of  the Barley Mow;
Peter  Price for the loan of the wheelbarrow;   John  Dale for the use of his garden
and Lee and Hazel  Lloyd  Green Managers for the use of their phaser.
Alan Powditch, Pembrokeshire

Congrats  to  all  of  the  above  -  hope  you raised a good few strips of latinum for
your charity.
3 June 2002
Michelle Jouvelet from Sydney, NSW telephoned this afternoon. During our
conversation she advised me that 'Vin' (Vincent Henry), husband of Jeanette
Mignon nee Jouvelet had died in or about April 2002.  (Refer either to Index to
Tree I or to Tree I itself)
28 May 2002
Wendy Cook (the only child of Jack and Mavis Powditch of Scopwick, Lincolnshire)
e-mailed to bring me 'up-to-date' with their family's news.
"Sadly, on the 11th February 2001, my Mother died, and in June, my Father moved
from Scopwick to Sleaford"
27 May 2002
(E-mail from Faye Edwards in Melbourne, Australia)
"I am excited to let you know that we have a new little Grandson, Bennett,
Alexander, Bobby, Edwards and he is just gorgeous. He was born on Friday,
May 24th 2002 at 2.24 P.M. to Marzia Osellame & our son, Greg (Edwards). Their
daughter Cristina who is now 4 years 8 months old is delighted.She won't leave her
parent's side and is devoted to Bennett."
20 May 2002
Had a long telephone chat with Carole Powditch (Santiago, Chile), as we hadn't
spoken together for a very long time.  Carole and family are well, even though she
advised me that there are 'problems' within Chile re unemployment, food, external
countries trying to 'muscle in' on Chile's resources, etc.  
Carole mentioned the original "MacKay School" which used to be on English Hill in
?Valparaiso, and which (then) had been housed in an "enormous old mansion".
Carole's brother Robert ("Bobbie") first went there when he was aged 7 years old,
obviously following in the footsteps of his own father (Bernard Hirst Powditch) and
his father's brothers (Errol H Powditch and Wilfred Powditch). Although the
MacKay School still exists in name today, it is now housed in a modern building,
and not on the same site!  What I am going to try and find out, is whether the school
either has an Alumni of its old pupils, or whether it has retained its original School
Registers, as I am sure that we would all like to discover more about the school
years of our Chilean 'cousins'.
18 May 2002
Sent an e-mail to Ian MacDowell (Chile) as he is coming over to the UK to visit his
sister and other relatives, and I am hoping that he might telephone me whilst he is
'over here'.  
Ian and his sister Evie are descendants from the Dr John MacKay who married
Caroline Powditch in Chile in 18.  
27 April 2002
I was going through my Powditch files, and came across a document  I had acquired
many years ago re a Mary Powditch of Hungerford in Berkshire, who, in 1783
took out Fire Insurance with Royal Exchange for two properties she owned in
Burnham Market (Norfolk).  As far as I am aware, Mary was the widow of the
John Powditch, who died in 1775, and  who was buried on 11 March of  that year
at St. Lawrence Church, Hungerford.   (Source for John Powditch = Berkshire FHS,
from St. Lawrence Par. Regs., and from the National Burial Index for England and
Thanks to Esme Rubra (see 16 April 2002 entry below) and her information re
John Powditch, I will now be pursuing that family and their Hungerford residency etc.
25 April 2002
On checking for the ship "Royal George" for the year 1822 (I had put those details
into the enquiry box on the Google search-engine),  I  found a French site
( which contained interesting details re a ship of the same name,
which had its 'Debut Service'  in 1788, and ended its 'normal' life 'Fin Service Actif'
in 1822.  After that year,  the ship  became a 'ponton' (i.e. pontoon or hulk).

Of even more interest (for me) was the word 'naufregus' which appeared against
several other ships on the same web-site, principally because I had (years ago)
received information re a Thomas Powditch who  -   when he married at
Lowestoft (Suffolk) in 1725 - had been referred to as being a "naupagus"  widower.  
Naufregus is the French word for "shipwreck".  I am now delving more into this
particular Powditch,  the original entry re his marriage, and the reason why
"naupagus" should have been used amongst the other words on the document.
16 April 2002
Esme Rubra (a descendant of the Chilean branch of the Powditch family) called
to see us this morning. She very kindly brought four Powditch extracts from  the
National Burial Index for England and Wales (which contains over 5 million burial
records from 1538 to 2000)                                                                          
10 March 2002
Received an E-mail from Barry Cairns in Victoria, Australia.  He is interested in the
history of William Powditch and his family, together with information regarding
William's time in both Australia and New Zealand from c1820 to c1872
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