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2004 News from (and about) the Powditch Family
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Whenever I received any new information, comments  etc,  I pasted them
on this page  -  with the latest item always appearing at the top.  
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December 2004
14 Dec 2004
'NEW' Powditch website has been uploaded, and is easier to use!

LATEST (19th) Monthly Powditch e-Newsletter sent out
November 2004
28 November
Received an email from Maureen Johnston in New Zealand;-
"I have just been looking at the photos and commentry about the Powditch
Gathering weekend. I must say you did an excellent job with this.   It was an
occassion I will never forget and I can't thank you enough for all the time and
effort you put into making everything work so smoothly and for Simon & Lyn Harcourt-Webster were so kind to me and took me all over the place and Simon and I enjoyed talking over the events of the weekend. Simon also showed me
things he had gathered over the years during his attempts to find out more
about the Powditches. He of course also had the same story from his aunt that
my aunt and mother have said (i.e. the Powditches were originally from Poland).
Funnily enough Alan Powditch also had heard that the Powditches were from
Poland - in his case he had heard a story about a Polish princess whereas both
Simon and I had heard the Powditches were Polish aristocracy! However I know
you have discounted this as a family 'story' but wonder how on earth it originated.
Once again thank you for everything. I am so glad that I came.
Just as a matter of interest, has anyone else heard of a family story about
the Powditch's having been Polish?
- and if so, what information or details do you have?  
I'd be most interested to hear, so please email me at
October 2004
LATEST (17/18th) Monthly Powditch e-Newsletter sent out
September 2004
23 September
Returned from the Gathering to receive the sad news that Raymond Urban
Powditch, who would have been aged 90 years old on 24 September 2004, had
died 8 days earlier, on the 15th, and that his funeral was to take place on the 24th.

Raymond was a wonderful person;  someone that I was privileged to meet many
years ago at his home, together with his wife, Peggy. At the time I also met his late brother, Rex, and his wife - Ursula - as well as Ray's sister, Dorothy, who still lives
in the USA.

Our thought and prayers are with Ray's family on their sad loss.

18 September
Received an email from Harold Edwards (of Wells-next-the-Sea, Norfolk), who
"Hearing about the Powditch family re-union at Morston made me think of Geoffrey Powditch. He is of my generation and was in a lower class at Wells Primary School in the 1940's.
Also we were in the same Cub group. The last I heard of him was that he had
"lost" himself in Australia. I have also seen the Powditch name coming up with the credits of an Australian TV programme. In your research have you tracked him down? I am interested. Also he had a younger brother".

I have replied to Harold, sayting that I am also trying to find Geoffrey!  If anyone therefore knows where Geoffrey Powditch is in Australia, or has a contact
telephone number etc for him, I'd be thrilled to hear more.
17 - 19
FIRST-EVER POWDITCH GATHERING took place at Morston, Norfolk.
August 2004
(15/16th) Monthly Powditch e-Newsletter sent out
July 2004
(14th) Monthly Powditch e-Newsletter sent out
June 2004
(13th) Monthly Powditch e-Newsletter sent out
June 2004
Rang and spoke to Margy Powditch (Hedgerley, Bucks).  It had been her
sister's funeral today at West Drayton, and there had been a good crowd present,
and lots of flowers.  A lady Vicar had conducted the sevice, which, according to
Margy, was "wonderful".
June 2004
Margy Powditch (Hedgerley, Bucks) rang (and left a message) to let me know
that her sister Dreena  -  who would have been aged 77 years old on 23 August
2004  -  had died, following a massive stroke
May 2004
4 May 2004
Unfortunately, due to a downloaded program not having installed correctly,
this website had not been updated between 6 April and today.  I apologise
for any birthdates and anniversaries (etc) not having been prominently
displayed during that period, but hope that you were able to access
anything you required from the various Month's entries.
4 May 2004
(12th) Monthly Powditch e-Newsletter sent out (Click here to read its contents)
2 May 2004
Received an email from a previously unknown relative of mine;
I have enjoyed reading the information on the Jones family. I believe that we are
related - your grandfather (George Henry Jones) was the brother of my great
grandmother (Sarah Annie Jones). My grandmother was May Jones who married
George Bowen. They had 5 children - Gladys, Eric, Raymond, Gwynneth and
Glenys. I am the daughter of Eric.
My son started a family tree quite recently (not much done yet) so I was quite
surprised when I found your website.
If you want any info. on that part of the family, let me know.
I will be contacting you soon, Chris, and look forward to discovering more
about your branch of the family.
1 May 2004
Received an email (dated 13 April 2004) from Pat and Peter Powditch in
We have been home from Tasmania for 11 days now. It is a great holiday
destination - we were there 3 weeks and will go back next year to see what we
missed, and probably stay another 3 or 4 weeks.

There is about 4 weeks before we head off for 3 months on our 'big trip'   We
were intending to head straight up through the middle of Australia to Darwin and
then turn left and down the west coast, but the roads up north are all closed
because of heavy rains etc. So, we may have to go west first and then up the west
coast. (and spend 4-5 days visiting Craig and family if he is still working at Pt
Lincoln which is 8 hrs drive from Adelaide and sort of on our way in a round about
way) It may sound double dutch, but I know what I mean!!
Hope you have a great trip, and look forward to hearing all about it on
your return!
1 May 2004
Received an email (dated 12 April 2004) from a fellow researcher regarding
my interest in a possible Powditch/Pordage connection.
Hi John
Ive just been reading through your very interesting site and admiring the amount
of effort involved! I am currently embarked on research into the Pordages (of Kent,
mostly) and wondered whether youd come across any information, especially on
how we may link up with the Powditch side of the clan! Im feeling my way on this
project although have been helped by a couple of other buffs and of course the
internet and now have some 600 names in the file.
Anyhow, rather than ramble on at length I thought Id email you to see whether it
was worth examining this in more detail.
Best wishes
Paul Barlow
(I have sent a reply to Paul)
April 2004
Unfortunately, due to a downloaded program not having installed
correctly, this website has not been updated between 6 April and 4 May
2004.  I apologise for any birthdates and anniversaries (etc) not having
been prominently displayed during that period, but hope that you
accessed anything you required from the various Month's entries.
5 April 2004
Our Grandson, Josh is now aged 14 months old, and within the last week, he started walking, unaided ! He's our really wonderful bundle , so full of fun,
laughter, and a  real joy to be with
March 2004
31 March 2004
(11th) Monthly Powditch e-Newsletter sent out (Click here to read its contents)
1 March 2004
10th Monthly Powditch e-Newsletter sent out (Click here to read its contents)
February 2004
16 February 2004
Just had an email from Andrew and Paula in Nottingham, with news of their latest
addition to the Powditch family.

We have another Powditch in the world.
Aaron Robert Powditch Born Feb 5 2004 at 1.05 am weighing 7lb 12 oz (just over
3kg), Nottingham.  Both he and Paula are well

A very big welcome into this exciting world, to baby Aaron Robert, and many
congratulations to a very happy Dad and Mum.  I understand that 14 month old
Alexander George, is really thrilled with his new baby brother
2 February 2004
Re; Morston Church.
Due to a lot of snow last week, followed by a deluge of rain, water has got
through the roof and partly flooded the interior of the Church.
Fortunately the rain didn't affect the Powditch floor memorial, although the
flooding did come within 9" (225mm) of 2 of its sides.
Although this is not a plea for donations to the "Friends of Morston
Church" Appeal, -  a copy of the leaflet re same was posted with the annual
Powditch Christmas card etc, to all family members in December 2003  - urgent
attention will need to be taken to the roof in the near future to ensure that
there won't be a repeat of the problem, as well as to ensure that the internal
monuments, paintings, etc are not damaged.
1 February 2004
9th Monthly Powditch e-Newsletter sent out (Click here to read its contents)
January 2004 / December 2003
1 January 2004
Happy New Year to everyone
and may 2004 bring you good health, lots of happiness and
much friendship
20 Dec 2003
8th Monthly Powditch e-Newsletter sent out
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