John C Algar

invites you to the   Introduction Page   of his history of the

from c1196 onwards

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The purpose of this site is not only to provide lots of
information re the Powditch family, and their most
illustrious past, but to invite Powditchs and
non-Powditchs to look at history in general, and to
discover what sort of information is available about
Family history in particular.
Hopefully all the links to each and every page within this site are all working correctly (I have tried them out, but if you should get any problems, please do let me know).  If the print size is too large (or too small); if colours are too bright (or too dark), or if there are any other problems with the site, just let me know and I'll correct the problems as quickly as possible.

Please be assured that I will be constantly adding more details to this site, so do please return and see what appears from time to time!  As I have some 5000+ documents on the Powditch family between 1196 and 2004 putting just some of this information onto the web-pages takes a while, but I will get there (or be more bald than I currently am!!!)

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 John C Algar

invites you to the   Introduction   of his history of the

from c1196 onwards