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2003 News from (and about) the Powditch Family
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20 Dec 2003
Latest (8th) Monthly Powditch e-Newsletter sent out
9 Dec 2003
 A photo was recently taken of our Grandson, Josh, in his 'Santa Claus' outfit!
This year is his first Christmas (he'll be just over 11 months old then),
and he's already really excited by the Christmas tree and the lights etc.
Josh says a very special Happy Christmas to everyone
8 Dec 2003
Many apologies to James Powditch (the Artist) of Sydney, New South Wales, as I'd inadvertently omitted the email details re his
"exhibition of recent works about film, food and all things spaghetti western"
(thankfully it continues until 14 January 2004 !)  as follows;-
Ray Hughes Gallery in conjunction with The Clock Hotel
cordially invite you to the opening of
Spaghetti Western
by James Powditch
An exhibition of recent works about film, food and all things spaghetti western.
Opening: 5-7pm Wednesday 15 October 2003
Exhibition: Wednesday 15 October 2003 to Wednesday 14 January 2004 at The Clock Hotel Restaurant, Level 1, 470 Crown Street, Surry Hills
The Clock Hotel Restaurant offers fine modern Australian cuisine
and will be open for guests on the evening.
Restaurant bookings on 9331 5333.
Details about this and future events can be viewed at For information and enquiries regarding James Powditch's artworks at
The Clock Hotel Restaurant contact Ray Hughes Gallery on
9698 3200 or visit our website at
Look forward to seeing you there!
Note, for previous entries re the works of James Powditch and also of his father,
Peter, please click here
3 Dec 2003
Pat Saye has been ill for several weeks, with 'flu, followed by bronchitis.  
I'm glad to report however, that thankfully she's on the road to a full
2 Dec 2003
Received an e-mail this morning (Tuesday 2 Dec) with the very sad news
that Irene (Rene) Powditch had died on 22 November 2003, aged 82 years
Rene was the wife of the late George Henry Powditch, and also was the
mother of  Christine (Fletcher), and George R.W. Powditch.
Apart from knowing that Rene's funeral is tomorrow (Wednesday
3 December), I don't have any other information to date, but will post it here
should I receive any further details.
(If you want me to pass any condolences etc to the family, please will you
let me know and I will ensure that they receive them.  Thank you)
1 Dec 2003
Latest (7th) Monthly Powditch e-Newsletter sent out
1 Nov 2003
Sixth Monthly Powditch e-Newsletter sent out   
5 Oct 2003
Have just returned from a week's relaxing holiday in sunny and very warm, North
Devon (UK), with Ang, Ang's sister, Shirley, and Ang's amazing mother, Phyllis
(nee Powditch).  Phyllis, as you may remember from the entry on 11 February 2003,
fell and broke her hip, and over the months it has been uncertain as to whether she
would ever be able to get outside the house again, let alone go on a holiday!  
Well, she's 'fought' against her problems, and being a very determined lady (a
definite Powditch trait!) she not only managed (with help) to get down the flight of
stairs in order to get in the car to go on holiday, but all the time we were away, she
ate like a horse, walked (with the aid of a walking frame), and enjoyed both
shopping in the local towns, as well as revisiting many of her old haunts.  Not at all
bad for someone who at the end of this month will be 94 years old!
3 Oct 2003
On my return from holiday, discovered the following e-mail from Matthew Jouvelet.
"Hello John, My name is Matthew Jouvelet, grandson of Cathrine and Leon
Jouvelet (of Melbourne, Australia) who both want to say hello.  I have recently found
your site and noticed that I'm not listed.  Could you please add some information on
the Jouvelets?"
Thank you Matthew  for your message, and although the Jouvelet family are included
within both Tree I and the Index to Tree I, I will add more Jouvelet information to the
Powditch web-site very soon
26 Sept 2003
Fifth Monthly Powditch e-Newsletter sent out   
25 Sept 2003
Had an e-mail today from Peter Oldham (New Zealand)
"I have had few minutes to spare so started to browse through the Powditch annals.
I did not get very far as I was suddenly conscience stricken on remembering that I
had promised to send our line of descent and the N.Z. family tree. I will write it down
and get it away to you.  I am a one finger typist so it takes me an age to send any
thing. but will do!
For the record I am William (Powditch)'s great great grandson and I will be
celebrating my seventy seventh birthday in two days on the 27th of
I'm sure that everyone will join me in wishing you a very happy Birthday, Peter,  for
the 27th, - and I hope that you have very more of them.
21 Sept 2003
Received a very sad message from Pat and Peter Powditch (Adelaide)
"On 6th August, we took our dear Brutus to the Vet, and came home without him,
we have shed quite a few tears since.  He was blind, deaf, 14 yrs of age and his
legs were starting to wobble. We did not want to prolong his pain and frustration.  
His ashes are buried in a cylinder with his rubber ball, bones and lead, and a poem
Peter wrote about him. He has a slate headstone and brass letters saying BRUTUS
The next day, 7th August my Dad passed away. He had not been well for many
years and died at the nursing home while waiting for the ambulance..I will write
again in more detail soon".
17 Sept 2003
The  old-style 'Guest Book' page has been replaced due to the external provider
having deleted the history of those who had previous'signed' and left messages,
and or comments. (Regrettably, the only copy of those comments etc, had been on
the external provider's server, and these have now been irretrievably 'lost').
Due to the above, I have (today) created a new 'Guest Book' form as well as a
separate "Guest Book Signings" page which will be maintained by myself.   I
 wish to assure you that certain details (such as e-mail addresses etc) will not be
disclosed on the new pages, unless otherwise directed to do so.
7 Sept 2003
Had a phone call this morning from Margery Powditch (Cardiff).  She advised me
that Pamela V Powditch (also of Cardiff) had fallen down just over a week ago,
and had landed on her head!  Fortunately no bones were broken, although she was
kept in hospital for a couple of days as her blood pressure was rather on the high
side.  Although now back home, Pamela is sporting two black eyes (and no doubt,
some wounded pride as well!)
I'm sure that you will join me in wishing Pamela all the best, and hoping that she'll
soon be back to full strength
31 Aug 2003
Fourth Monthly Powditch e-Newsletter sent out   
27 Aug2003
Received an e-mail from John and Pam Peake (Norfolk)
"Thanks for all the news. The Powditch site has certainly become a major player:
the amount of information you have is very impressive."
7 Aug2003
Had an e-mail from Liz Powditch (Australia)
"Hi, my name is Elizabeth Powditch and I received your letter by mail today.  I am
the daughter of Max and Yvonne Powditch from Sydney, Australia.
It was quite bizare receiving your letter, and also the way you tracked me down. I
did own the Blue Goat Cafe (in Sydney) for 6 years, but sold it in November, 2002
and now reside in Queensland.
A bit about this Powditch family.....
(My) Father Max, now married to Jan Powditch and living in Exeter in the Southern
Highlands, south of Sydney.  Dads ex-wife (my mother) Yvonne lives in Yowie Bay
in Sydney
My eldest brother is Tim (40 years) and he is married to Fiona Powditch. They have
two sons Finley (age 7) and Rory (age 4).
My other brother Jaemes (note spelling - age 36) is married to Norma - who is
South American. They have a new daughter called Cielo.
Both brothers live in Cronulla, Sydney, Australia.
We are in contact with my Uncles
(Dads brothers) Allen, his wife Judy and their two children Mark and Michelle.  
Also Warrick (Dad's youngest brother) his wife Denise, and their two daughters
Angela and Katherine.
My Grandfather Stan and his wife Bess have passed away, but were very interested
in the family tree. Pop always thought we were from England, but we reckon it was
somewhere in Eastern Europe".
7 Aug 2003
Had an e-mail from Louise Hutchinson
"I did have a bit of Powditch info I've been meaning to pass on to you. (forgive me if
I have already sent it to you) I enclose it as an attachment (this email will have been
scanned with Norton Antivirus software when I send it) The info was on a website
called which lists norfolk villages, their pubs and the
known licensees.
Quite a handy site if you have publican ancestors. As you will see various
Powditches are mentioned. Whether any of this info is new, I've not had time to
check. If they're not legible either vist the website yourself or I can scan them again
and try again to send them.
How are you and your family? Congratulations on becoming a grandfather.  I have
visited your website a while ago (I think I signed the visitors book) but will have
another look if you've been making alterations. There was certainly plenty of info to
look at and I thought it looked well presented. I'll have a think about your generous
offer of some space on the site for the Hayhows. I'm not sure what I would include
other than a general appeal for help
( I still can't find any earlier Hayhows in Norfolk. (They must be out there somewhere
but they're keeping well hidden!)"
3 Aug 2003
E-mail received from Jenny Arnott (London)
"Thanks for keeping me up to date.I found it all very interesting.  No idea Morston
involved; am probably going to Norfolk soon so will go and have a look"
July 2003
Third Monthly Powditch e-Newsletter sent out   
17 July 2003
Had a message from Ruth Powditch in Cardiff.
"I have got some good news for you all. Nathan's going to be a dad!! (the baby's
due around the 15 January 2004)"
(Nathan Powditch is the brother of Ruth, and the son of Michael Powditch of Cardiff)
23 June 2003
Just received an e-mail from James Powditch (the Artist) in Sydney with details of
his and his father (Peter Powditch)'s exhibition of new works, being held at the Ray
Hughes Gallery in Surry Hills, Sydney.
Please click here to see some of their work and also for more information
June 2003
Updated (2nd) Monthly Powditch e-Newsletter sent out   
June 2003
Second Monthly Powditch e-Newsletter sent out
May 2003
First Monthly Powditch e-Newsletter sent out
28 May 2003
E-mail received from Alan and Judy Powditch (Australia)
"Everyone is well here, our daughter Michelle is having another baby in October.
She and husband Chris have twin boys Joshua and Lachlan (Morgan). Our son
Mark is still working in Zurich and was returning home this weekend, but has now
decided to continue working there for another 2 projects until end of July"
28 May 2003
E-mail received from Peter Oldham (New Zealand)
"I apologise for not having been in touch earlier.  One of the jobs I will get on to is
compiling the Powditch Family Tree of NZ descendents and forwarding to you as  soon as possible.
We were in Auckland a couple of weeks back and spent some time with Poppy  
and unfortunately, she was unable to locate the photograph (This is the photograph
of William Powditch of Australia and New Zealand),  so the next time we visit,
which again I hope will be within the next month, we will have a further search and
I am sure we will come up with it.
When we do we will make several copies to  keep on hand. I have not had much
time to investigate fully the website but will do so over the next few days. What I
have seen looks very intersting and I commend you on your effort. Will be in touch
12 May 2003
Our Grandson, Joshua Andrew Stevens, was christened on Saturday 10 May
2003 at our local ancient Church (St. Mary's, Pennard, Gower).
There was an excellent turnout by relatives (Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles, plus
lots of friends) and after the Christening, a party was held in a local Inn
9 May 2003
Today I received a follow-up e-mail from Sylvia Powditch in Chile, in which she
"John: I was so glad to receive an answer so soon.
Some information about me and my family: [My Grandfather's]  name [was] John
Kitridge Powditch [and he was] married to Laura Elizalde. They had 4 sons and
1 daughter;  John, Thomas Hirst (my father), Wilfred Mackay , William (who died
young), and Laura, all born in Chile and [all now] dead. I know that my great-
grand-father had ships and came to Chile with merchandise and finally stayed for
The e-mail [I sent] is from the school where I work. I began as a sports teacher and
now am] a secretary. It is a british school for girls, the same where I studied when
I was young.
I have a sister Joyce who is 66 and [I am] 63. Joyce has a Bible that belonged to
the first Powditch that sailed to Chile; in the inside cover [it] has lots of names and
I am married and have 3 daughters and 3 sons. Four [are] married, [and I have]
Six grandsons.   Please excuse my english and writing, it's not so good. Hope to
keep in touch
I found your mail by accident when I was searching about Powditch family and
decided to write a few lines hoping to get an answer."
Sylvia, you will be very pleased (I hope) to hear that I will soon be including a section
on the Powditch web-site dedicated solely to the Chilean branch of the family.
8 May 2003
Received an e-mail today which said;
"My name is Sylvia Powditch and [I] live in Chile and would like some information
about my family. Thank you"
- to which I replied, asking for names of her parents and grandparents so that I
could help in her search.
7 May 2003
Received an e-mail today, from Faye Edwards (Melborne) re her Uncle Leon
"Lovely to hear from you. Uncle Leon 's operation was successful and he is home
again.  I spoke to him on Monday night and he is happy to have come through the
operation. He said that you just have to be lucky.  I am sure they were very
concerned about the operation knowing the problems that poor Mum had.  He now
has to have a test for his water works so hope that goes well.  He had an operation
for prostate a few years ago so we hope the results of the test are in his favour."
28 April 2003
E-mail received today from Alan and Judy Powditch in New South Wales ;-
"Glad to hear that you are enjoying being grandparents. We love it and our twin
boys. Our daughter Michelle is having another baby in October................   Our son
Mark is returning home from Zurich [and he will be] still working with UBS Warburg
in Sydney for 3 months with a view to becoming permanent. We are very pleased
about this."
27 March 2003
Received an e-mail today, from Faye Edwards (Melborne) re her Uncle Leon
"Uncle Leon had the operation for the replacement of his heart valve on Wednesday
26th March. He is still in intensive care but according to his wife Aunty Cath. he is
progressing slowly but as to be expected after this kind of operation. They were all
worried about him having this operation.......but so far so good."
I  am sure that we all want to wish Leon all the best, and hope that his recovery is  
quick.  Our thoughts are also with his wife, Cath, as well as with the rest of his family.
26 March 2003
Thanks to  a recent letter I received from Liz Howard (nee Powditch)  the following
details re her Aunt and Uncles' recent funerals can be shared with all.

Funerals of Annie Lee and Thomas Powditch
"The funeral of Annie Lee (nee Powditch) took place on Tuesday, 11th March 2003.
The cortege left her home in Galbraith Street on the Isle of Dogs at 1.00 p.m. and
travelled to the East London Cemetery for cremation at 1,30 p.m.  The funeral was
well attended by family members - her two surviving siblings were there. together
with all nine of the sons and daughters of all the six Powditch brothers and sisters.  
This was the first time that all nine cousins had been together in about forty years,
so although we were gathered for a very solemn occasion. there was some
happiness in that the clan were all reunited after such a long time.   Her son David
and his wife Sheridan led the mourners. Two of her grandchildren were present -
Christian and Terri-Ann. Nicola (Sheridan's daughter from her previous marriage)
was unable to attend, having given birth just a few day's previously.  'The Lord giveth,
and the Lord taketh away." "
"The funeral of Thomas Powditch took place on Wednesday, 12th March 2003.  
The cortege left the home of his nephew Jimmy Cook in Orpington Kent at 1.30 p.m.
to travel to St. Mary's Church in nearby St. Mary Cray, for the funeral service.  This
service was followed by cremation at Eltham Crematorium.  Tom's daughter,  Linda,
accompanied Jimmy and Johnny Cook, led the mourners.  Linda read a moving
tribute to her father saying that he always remembered his roots, and never forgot
his working class background.  Once again the funeral was well attended by  family,
members - both John and Mary (the last surviving brother and sister of Tommy
and Annie), were there. and all the children with the exception of Alan, Lou and
Frank's son, Both Tom's grandchildren were there."
Thank you Liz for all of the above information
25 March 2003
Further to the news item of 24 Feb 2003 (see below), I had a follow-up  phone call
this morning from Michelle Jouvelet (Australia) re her Uncle Leon Jouvelet (who
lives in the Melbourne area).  
"Uncle Leon has had an angiogram, which has shown that he is strong enough to
have a replacement heart valve, so he is going in to hospital tomorrow (26 March)
to have the operation.
I am sure that you will join me in wishing Leon and his family all the best, not only for
a successful operation, but also for a quick and full recovery."
10 March 2003
Yesterday I had a fantastic e-mail from Barry Cairns in Victoria (Australia) in which
he gave me the really wonderful news that he has found THE marriage between
William Powditch and Anne Walsh!

To say that he has made an 'old man' (me!) very happy, is to put it very mildly, but
Betty McGrath (New South Wales), (when I telephoned her yesterday evening)  was
as excited as I was, and she was then going to phone Trish Thomson (New South
Wales) with the wonderful news!  

What Barry Cairns has managed to discover, is where and when  William
Powditch married Anne Walsh, together with the names of the witnesses to their
marriage  (For the details, please click on the following link  to "The Chronology of

Barry, thank you ever so much
3 March 2003
Sorry to say, two pieces of sad news.

This evening I had a phone message from Marjorie Stein (nee Powditch) to say
that her cousin, Thomas (Tommy) Luke Powditch, had died yesterday morning
(Sunday 2 March 2003) in hospital.  Later this evening, I also spoke to Jim Cook,
(Tommy's nephew),  to find out more information etc.

Besides the news re Tommy's death, Marjorie and Jim also told me the doubly
shocking news that Tommy's sister (Annie Lee, nee Powditch) had had to go into
a different hospital (on Friday 28 February), and that she had died suddenly there,
in theafternoon of that day.

Our thoughts and prayers are extended to Tommy's daughter, Linda, to Annie's son,
David, and to their families, to  John Charles Powditch and Mary Mason (nee
Powditch) -  Tommy and Annie's surviving brother and sister,  -  as well as to their
families, and to the many cousins and other family members of the descendants of
John Metcalf Powditch and his wife, Mabel May (nee Barling)
3 March 2003
Over the weekend, I heard of two births as follows;-

On Saturday, 1 March 2003, a baby boy (Louis) to Susanna Powditch (Penarth,
South Wales).  At birth, Louis weighed 8lb 6oz (approx 3kg 350gms).  Louis is the
first Grandchild for Robert Powditch (Manorbier) and of his ex-wife, Debbie
(Penarth) and he is also the first Great-Grandchild for Hazel Powditch (Kilgetty,
South Wales)

On Friday, 28 February 2003, a baby girl, to Graham and Julie Tyler.  Although I do
not know a name for the baby, she weighed 7lb 11oz (just over 3kg) at birth.  
Mother, Father and baby are well, and all are thrilled.

Our love and best wishes to all of the parents and their families, and a big welcome
to the new-born babies
24 Feb 2003
Had a phone call this morning from Michelle Jouvelet (Australia) re her Uncle
Leon Jouvelet (who lives in the Melbourne area).  Unfortunately, Leon's heart valve
isn't working properly, and he may have to go into hospital for a replacement valve.  
Leon is still thinking about what to do at the moment, so our thoughts and prayers
are with him so that he might find the strength to reach his 'right' decision.
20 Feb 2003
Received an e-mail message from Christine Fletcher (nee Powditch)
"Thank you for letting us know about the Powditch site.  I did have a look and it was
good.  I wasn't sure if I was on it anywhere, but I haven't had time to have a really
good look."
19 Feb 2003

Phyllis Smith (nee Powditch) returned home from Hospital today.  Although she
is gradually getting better, it looks as though it's going to be a long time before
she'll be walking about (unaided) again.  Mind you, for a 93-year old, she's doing
very well indeed!

Phyllis has asked me to add this little message here, and to say a very big THANK
YOU to everyone who sent her "Get Well Soon" Cards, messages and flowers -  
all of which have greatly helped in brightening her days.
11 Feb 2003
Phyllis Smith (nee Powditch) fell down in her house yesterday lunchtime, and
managed to break her hip in the fall!  She was rushed to hospital, where she was
This morning, she had an operation to insert a metal plate over her hip to mend the
break.  Fortunately, everything went well,  and as at this evening, she was sitting up
in bed (when Ang went to see her) , chatting, chirpy and quite cheerful!  
28 Jan 2003

Pam Powditch (from Cardiff)
kindly sent me the 'clipping'
(which had appeared in the
South Wales Echo
newspaper on Saturday
25 January 2003).

Mary Bennett (nee
Powditch) and her late
sister-in-law, Wyn Powditch,
had been most helpful re
their branch of the family
when I first began
researching, way back in the
mid 1980s, and we had had
many long chats on the

My condolences are
extended to all of Mary's
children, grand, and
great, grand-children

27 Jan 2003
Received a letter this morning "out of the blue"  from Jean Parsons (nee
Powditch) who lives in Essex.  Her brother (who lives in Australia) had sent her a
copy of my 2002 Newsletter (in which she was mentioned!).  What a small (but
amazing) world we all live in!

Soon after reading the letter, I telephoned Jean, and we had a long chat, introducing
ourselves and updating each other with family information, etc.

Welcome aboard, Jean.
22 Jan 2003
Sadly, I have just heard (from Michelle Reynolds in the USA) that her Great Uncle,
Rex Lehuray Powditch (of Aldershot, Surrey) died in December 2002.  he had
apparently been ill for some time, and had never recovered completely.

Rex had been a lovely Powditch.  Born in the Channel Islands, he had had a
chequered time in the Royal Navy during WWII.  In recent years he had been writing
about his wartime expereiences, although I am not aware whether he actually
finished his memoirs.  My sympathy is extended to his wife, Ursula, and to their
children and grandchildren.

More about Rex's history can be read within Tree H (of "Powditch Family Trees")
19 Jan 2003
Our first Grandchild has arrived; a gorgeous baby boy!

Named Joshua Andrew Stevens, he entered this world at just before 3pm today,
weighing 8lb 8oz, being 21 inches long and having brown hair and brown eyes.

His Mum (our daughter Kristian) and her husband (Andrew) are well, if exhausted,
and baby Joshua is well, too.
17 Jan 2003
E-mail and lots of additional Powditch information received from Pat and Peter
Powditch (Adelaide)
"Dear John, you are up and running and looking good!!!  CONGRATULATIONS ON
A WELL DONE, MAMMOTH JOB, you are amazing!!!!"
16 Jan 2003
At last!
The Powditch web-site is up and running
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