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4 Jan 2005
Received an email from Ian Powditch;
"not sure whether you have already been advised but Ursula Grace Powditch
widow of Rex John le Huray Powditch died on Friday 20 August 2004 at
Frimley Park Hosp Surrey".
I hadn't known about Ursula's death, and therefore was sad to hear about it, but I
have replied to Ian's email (and I have also added the details to the 'Events' page)
4 Jan 2005
Added to Powditch website;
Military Service (includes details re Powditchs invoved in WW1, WW2, etc)
The Creakes (North and South Creake villages and extracts from Parish Registers,
together with information about Powditchs at Creake Abbey Farm, Wills, etc)

3 Jan 2005
Amendment to Powditch website;
Events (including Births, Engagements, Marriages, Deaths and Obituaries)
1 Jan 2005
Happy New Year to everyone
and wishing you good health, lots of happiness and
much friendship throughout 2005
14 Dec 2004
'NEW' Powditch website has been uploaded, and is easier to use!
LATEST (19th) Monthly Powditch e-Newsletter sent out