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The Powditch Family Prayer

O Lord,  we thank you for watching over our Powditch Family
throughout all ages. We thank you too, that in time of plague or war
or personal  troubles, as also in times of happiness, that you are
always there to listen to our pleas and thanks.

O Lord,  forgive us for doubting your love, or misunderstanding  
your reassurances, in our times of stress when we have prayed to
you, especially for loved ones departed this life or those who left
our homes without word, or when familiesí have parted or gone far

That we of the worldwide Powditch Family are gathered here today
in your sight, is testament to our faith we each have in you.  We
thank you for watching over each of us this day, and for watching
over our ancestors *[who worshipped here before us], who,
through your daily guidance were led from strength to strength, so
that we too might know and enjoy that same love.

We pray for all those of our Powditch Family who have gone
before us, that their love and character will remain with us.  We
pray too for those of our family unable to be with us today, hoping
that next time they will be able to be part of our special family

O Lord, hear our prayer.


N.B.  Re * When the Prayer is read in a place other than a Church, the words
"who worshipped here before us" are to be omitted.

Words were by John and Angela Algar, and kindly edited by Joc Wingfield (Morston)
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